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How does StreamSpread work?

StreamSpread is a special type of advertising network that connects Twitch streamers with gaming & esports-related media resources. When your campaign is set up and once you go live on Twitch, StreamSpread will embed your Twitch stream on the front pages of the chosen websites to raise the number of concurrent viewers on your channel.

Which streaming platforms do you support?

StreamSpread supports Twitch and Mixer. Additional platforms will be added soon.

What does the viewport look like?

You can find the samples of the viewport work formats here.

Will StreamSpread help me to become a Twitch or Mixer affiliate or partner?

StreamSpread’s expertise delivers real viewers to your Twitch or Mixer channel, maximizing views, minutes watched, number of followers and chatters, therefore you'll save a large amount of time on your way to affiliate or partnership program.

How much does it cost to get my stream embedded on different websites?

Auto-Play model average price per 1,000 unique viewers is 20$ while average price per click is around $0.75. But the pricing depends on many additional factors.

What’s the process of connecting with appropriate websites within the StreamSpread platform?

While you set up and edit your campaign, you can also turn on an auto-mode and then your stream will appear on the front pages of websites related to the game you are streaming. Also you can target viewers by their geo-locations. Otherwise, you can find the appropriate websites manually using our tools and sending offers to cooperate with them. Be aware that it takes some time while publishers consider to accept or decline your offer.

I own a website and I want to become a publisher. Will StreamSpread help me?

It's easy to become a publisher with our help! Sign up as a publisher and create your viewport with the dimensions suitable for your site. Choose the viewport format, such as slider or static, and add the generated code into your website’s code.

If you turn on the auto mode, our system will find and provide high-quality Twitch streams into your viewport to maximize your revenue. Remember to check your notifications to consider direct offers from streamers, which you can accept or decline.

Do you have an API for Advertisers?

You can find all required info and documentation here.

Do you have an API for Publishers?

You can find all required info and documentation here.

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